Moving On 2017 – Thanks

The June 21, 2017 Moving On was wonderful! The students had a great time and families enjoyed watching them graduate. The success is owed to these wonderful people and businesses, as well as the many JGMS families who donated financially to this event.

Moving On Co-Chairs Neetu Devdas & Paula Gilarde – Thank you to all of the JGMS parents who helped make Moving On 2017 a success! We appreciate all of the hours spent planning, making, setting up, cleaning up, baking, shopping, and of course the donations to fund this great event.

Thank you to:

Subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs:  Beth Venuti, Kristen Marcus, Noreen Garrity, Anne Mulligan, Heather Patterson, Jessica Fair, Elaine Herzog, Jane Patterson, Robin Steele, Andrea Barney, Anne Caron, Neetu Devdas & Paula Gilarde

Moving On Volunteers:    

Christine & Ben Bennett, Karen Daniels, Judi Deware, Sandy Morvillo, Caroline Fedele, Lisa O’Brien, Karen Guetersloh, Kim Sweet, Jennifer Buckley, Jayme Szymczak, Luda Kovalenko, Karen Shamon, Ann Mulligan, Zarouhi Suggs, Elena Reed, Julie Capone, Dave Venuti, Meghan McEwen

Marie Tedesco, Emi Hasegawa, Galina Gitlin, Valerie Gurney, Mila Zeltser, Eileen Horne, Janel Halupowski, Michele Filosa, Ellen Lembo, Andrea Hayes, Breena Daniell, Therese Lyons, Christine Speciale, Alina Kuperschmidt, Mieko Koga, JoAnn Santiago, Robyn Randazzo, Marion Silvestrone, Carla Baer

Emily Mitchell, Jennie Goldfarb, Tammy Morris, Sheila Dearing, Michelle Gillig, Otti McCutcheon, Mark Falco, Densel Reyes, Lisa Harrell, Laura Keating, Kristin Ferrari, Lisa Hurley, Deb Griffin, Gretta Venuti, Hima Naidu, Susan DiGangi

Natalie Dussault, Gretchen Hyland, Mona Barck, Cynthia Jones, Julie Bolch-Cogliano, Julie Phylis, Jocelyn Chen, Maria Loughlin, Sarah Lance, Sumathi Chittamuru, Tom Mulligan, Andrea Hayes, Andy Horne, Bill Speciale, Christine Speciale, Nancy Barnes, Alexis Carlson, Shanling Peng, Ali Hon-Anderson, Cindy Eller, Paula Driscoll, Brenda Kenahan, Annmarie Vaughan, Jenn Heller, Alexis Carlson, Beth Doyle, Karen Fallon, Lisa Rozamus, Alison Weaver, Marie Liang, Allison John, Tom Mulligan, Mike & Lucy O’Shaughnessy, Gina Stephan, Stefan Perez-Alder, Jill Crotty, Renu Bostwick, Dawn Kociubes, Elizabeth Barry, Victoria Barry, Gregory Barry, Cameron Rackey, Kerry Rackey.

Corporate Contributors: Moving On could not have occurred without the support of these outstanding companies, and we hope the JGMS parent community will patronize these businesses when dining or shopping as acknowledgment that they are appreciated.  Click on each business to visit its website.

Other Special Supporters:

  • Susan DiGangi, Tracy Card & Lindsey Goodhue for photographing the ceremony, dinner, and dance
  • Bedford TV for recording the ceremony. Buy a DVD at
  • The Bedford Athletic Association and All Night Graduation Committee for their contributions.
  • JGMS Principal Kevin Tracey, Assistant Principal Matt Mehler, Karen Poli, Yvonne Cormier, Kristina Barbacano, Amy Budka, Derek Johnson, Candace Banks, Paul Harrington, Serena Danielson and all school, cafeteria, facilities, and custodial staff for supporting our students and Moving On efforts

If we overlooked anybody, please let us know at

Last, but certainly not least, thank you parents for your generous donations towards Moving On.  You helped fund the festivities and the kids it.  It truly was a night to remember.


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