Moving On 2017 – Thanks

The June 21, 2017 Moving On was wonderful! The students had a great time and families enjoyed watching them graduate. The success is owed to these wonderful people and businesses, as well as the many JGMS families who donated financially to this event.

Moving On Co-Chairs Neetu Devdas & Paula Gilarde – Thank you to all of the JGMS parents who helped make Moving On 2017 a success! We appreciate all of the hours spent planning, making, setting up, cleaning up, baking, shopping, and of course the donations to fund this great event.

Thank you to:

Subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs:  Beth Venuti, Kristen Marcus, Noreen Garrity, Anne Mulligan, Heather Patterson, Jessica Fair, Elaine Herzog, Jane Patterson, Robin Steele, Andrea Barney, Anne Caron, Neetu Devdas & Paula Gilarde

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2017~ THANK YOU!

National Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW) was celebrated at JGMS over three days at JGMS with a breakfast on Monday, May 1, a lunch on Wednesday, May 3rd, and a day of sweet treats on Friday, May 5th. It was a nice week of saying thank you to our wonderful JGMS teachers and staff who educate and guide our kids.

This year TAW was led by JGMS parents, Estelle Mense who coordinated the food donations and volunteers and, Nancy Barnes, who managed the raffle for teachers and staff.    Paula Gilarde also managed the Bedford TV videotaping of JGMS students thanking their favorite teacher.  The video was looped for teachers to watch it during the Wednesday lunch. Thank you all for making this event a tremendous success!

We would like to thank the following local businesses who contributed to our raffle: (all lists are alphabetized by first word):

Bedford Farms Ice Cream, b.good, Bruegger’s BagelsChipotle Mexican Grill, Comelias, Danielle M. Beck Facial Services, Domino’s Pizza Bedford, Ginger Japanese Restaurant, Learning Express Bedford,  Ken’s NY Deli & Brick Oven Pizzeria, Nutritional Services with Katie Busa, Red Heat Tavern,  Stop & Shop Grocery & Pharmacy, Whole Foods Bedford

Special thanks to Bruegger’s Bagels and Starbucks for their bagel and coffee donations!

The JGMS parent community stepped up and supplied sumptuous homemade desserts, gift cards, and beautiful floral centerpieces. THANK YOU JGMS PARENTS! (all lists are alphabetized by last name)

JGMS Parent Contributions of Gift Cards for the Teacher Raffles: Lori Alper, Andrea Barney, Jennifer Buckley, Julie Campos, Tara Capobianco, Andrea Couvee, Amy Doherty, Jessica Fair, Karen Guetersloh, Eileen Horne, Meeta Mathur Bahadur, Tammy Morris, Kristen Newman, Nancy Saunders, Sharon Timberlake-Rodriguez, and Heather Waibel-Limerick

Monetary Donations:  Laura Bak, Courtney Cullis, Deborah Griffin, Emi Hasegawa, Jenn Heller, Weiling Jin, Stacy Kershaw, Jennifer Lee, Nancy Protasowicki, Lisa Rozamus, Cheryl Simons, Soraya Stevens, Gina Stephan, Catherine Van Praagh, and Melissa Zorn

Table Centerpieces/Raffle Items: Lisa Bailey, Audrey Gould, Valerie Gurney, Lisa Harrell, and Olga Patoucheas

Food Donations: Lisa Bailey, Jim Barnes, Jennifer Buckley, Alexis Carlson, Robin Comley, Tricia Daley, Karen Cox, Jill Crotty, Susan DiGangi, Jessica Fair, Judi Gale-DiNitto, Audrey Gould, Eileen Horne, Allison John, Sridevi Karthikeyan, Susan Lincoln, Meeta Mathur Bahadur, Tammy Morris, Sandy Morvillo, Kristen Newman, Olga Patoucheas, Kranti Parvate, Rachelle Payne, Kristine Sacco, Susan Sepe, Jayme Szymczak, Pearlene Varjabedian, Ellen Young, and Bin Yu

Coffee Barista: Diane Bernstein

Set Up and/or Clean Up Help: Nancy Barnes, Diane Bernstein, Susan DiGangi, Paula Gilarde, Karen Guetersloh, Lisa Harrell, Estelle Mense, Kerry Rackey, and Lisa Warhover

If we overlooked anybody, please let us know at

Thank you for your amazing support of Teacher Appreciation Week! The teachers and staff have expressed their sincere appreciation of this wonderful event and supportive parent community.


Middle School Parent Association (MSPA)

Election Day Bake Sale Was a Huge Success — THANK YOU!

Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty (Jen Buckey) & Mr America (Michael Buckley) helped draw a crowd to the bake sale. Photo credit: Susan DiGangi

The MSPA Election Day Bake Sale was a huge success! We sold out and raised over $1500 for the school! Thank you to all who donated baked goods or provided monetary donations, worked the booth and bought baked goods at the sale. Despite the chilly temps as the polls and bake sale opened, a steady crowd shopped at the table, and by the time early afternoon and higher temperatures arrives, we had sold most of our goodies! Thanks to the student council for their help also.  If anyone has a container to pick up, they will be in the office this week, Monday through Friday for pick up. Thank you especially to co-Vice Presidents Jenn Puhle and Kerry Rackey who coordinated the event. The funds will go a long way towards supporting new initiatives at JGMS.

Bake Sale Contributors:

bake sale table
Early morning bake sale volunteers: Paula Gilarde, Ginko & Shun Isobe, Michael Buckley, Jenn Puhle and Kerry Rackey. Photo credit: Susan DiGangi

Neetu Devdas, Robin Steele, Olga Patoucheas, Gretta Venuti, Lisa Harrell, Jayme Szymczak, Karen Cox, Laura Keating, Jessica Fair, Elischa Burchardt, Natalie Dussault, Susan Lincoln, Jessica Castro, Karen Daniels, Deborah Griffin, Susan DiGangi, Carol Silva, Kerry Rackey, Lisa Coyne, Otti McCutcheon, Marillian Missiti, Carla Bradford, Julie Campos, Maureen Quinn, Shanling Peng, Kristen Newman, Amy Signorello, Mark Falco, Carol Silva, Maureen McDermott, Andrea Barney, Tricia Daley, Beth Venuti, Joy Wilson, Diane Bernstein, Marcy Beinert, Lisa Bumbaca, Gretchen Kind, Anita Paton, Sharon Timberlake-Rodriguez, Emily Mitchell, Nancy Saunders, Renee Bertos, Neetu Devdas, Sarah Lance, Ginko Isobe, Valerie Gurney, Andrea Couvee, Paula Gilarde, Sandy Morvillo, Janel Halupowski, Margot Fleischman, Aram Varjabedian, Bonnie McCulloch, Kristen Newman, Caroline Fedele, Lori Alper & Sheila Dearing

Bake Sale Volunteers:

bake sale table
Bake sale volunteers: Max Alper, Matt Kazangian & Dylan DiGangi. Photo credit: Susan DiGangi

Jenn Puhle, Kerry Rackey, Susan DiGangi, Paula Gilarde, Diane Bernstein, Sasha Manocha, Emily Wong, Jennifer Buckley, Maureen Quinn, Ginko Isobe, Uma Kaundinya, Neetu Devdas,  Ansh Aggarwal, Nelson Aweh, Bryan Aweh-Kisob and Kelly Aweh-Kisob, Dylan DiGangi, Danielle DiGangi, Julie Bolch-Cogliano, Dominic, Sydney & Bryce Cogliano, Anna Knight, Olga Patoucheas, Aliki Patoucheas, Sue MacPhee, Robin Steele, Lulu & Coco Steele, Olivia Belbute, Max & Jordan Alper, Matt Kazangian, Sarah Craven, Zariful Shaikh, Lenny Zhou, Natalie Lewis & Karen Guetersloh.

The MSPA also provided a pizza lunch for the teachers and staff at JGMS on Election Day- thanks to the donations of JGMS families from the recent Fall Appeal.

Please, if we overlooked anybody, please let us know at  We don’t want to slight anyone as we really want to thank all who helped!  Your contributions are appreciated by faculty and the MSPA Board of Directors.

2016 Moving On ~ Thanks

The June 16, 2016 Graduation and Moving On 2016 were terrific!  The students had a great time and families enjoyed seeing their babies graduate. The success is owed to these wonderful people and businesses, as well as the many JGMS families who donated financially to this event.

Chair Cindy Fisette – Moving On is a large endeavor, and Cindy was excellent in putting it all together!   Thank you to Rick Fisette for being Cindy’s right-hand man.  The Fisette duo got so very many things done behind the scenes to ensure a perfect night.  We can’t thank them enough!

Subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs:  Serena Danielson, Francine Hennessey, Venus Ho Barber, Raelene Houck, Allison John Edey, Bonnie McCulloch, Marillian Misitti, Peter Ricci, Michelle Saber, Christine Speciale, Lisa Tramonte

Moving On Volunteers:  These helpful people contributed in some or several ways, such as cooking, baking, buying, setting up, cleaning, and more.   Continue reading “2016 Moving On ~ Thanks”