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2016 Moving On ~ Thanks

The June 16, 2016 Graduation and Moving On 2016 were terrific!  The students had a great time and families enjoyed seeing their babies graduate. The success is owed to these wonderful people and businesses, as well as the many JGMS families who donated financially to this event.

Chair Cindy Fisette – Moving On is a large endeavor, and Cindy was excellent in putting it all together!   Thank you to Rick Fisette for being Cindy’s right-hand man.  The Fisette duo got so very many things done behind the scenes to ensure a perfect night.  We can’t thank them enough!

Subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs:  Serena Danielson, Francine Hennessey, Venus Ho Barber, Raelene Houck, Allison John Edey, Bonnie McCulloch, Marillian Misitti, Peter Ricci, Michelle Saber, Christine Speciale, Lisa Tramonte

Moving On Volunteers:  These helpful people contributed in some or several ways, such as cooking, baking, buying, setting up, cleaning, and more.   Continue reading “2016 Moving On ~ Thanks”

Tips For Keeping Teens Safe On Social Media

The Guidance Department at the John Glenn Middle School know that social media is beginning to play a very big role in our students’ lives. With summer vacation right around the corner, Guidance shares some tips/advice on how to keep your kids safe online and use social media appropriately. Limiting and monitoring your child’s “screen time” on ALL devices is extremely important for continued brain development and overall adolescent wellness. Peer connections face to face are extremely important for building self esteem, a positive sense of self and promoting strong interpersonal communication skills needed for their current and future adult lives.

As always, JGMS hopes that you feel comfortable contacting your child’s Guidance Counselor with any questions or concerns you may have or to seek additional resources. Continue reading “Tips For Keeping Teens Safe On Social Media”

Important & Helpful Information for 8th Grade Families

Parents/guardians, congratulations on the impending graduation of your eighth grade students!  The Bedford Middle School Parent Association (MSPA) has fielded many questions from different families about graduation, end of school, and Bedford High School (for those kids who will go there.)  To give you guidance, the MSPA has compiled a list of important information as your child finishes middle school and moves on to high school.  See below for graduation attire suggestions, the last days of JGMS, Bedford High School (BHS) early-bird yearbook orders, BHS sports registration, updating eNews preferences, and more: Continue reading “Important & Helpful Information for 8th Grade Families”