Moving On 2018 – Thank You!

The Class of 2022’s Moving On event was a tremendous success! The students had a great time and families enjoyed watching their 8th graders graduate. The success of the evening is owed to many fabulous people and businesses, as well as the many JGMS families who donated financially to this event.

Moving On Co-Chairs Susan DiGangi & Paula Gilarde – Thank you to all of the JGMS parents who contributed to the Moving On 2018 dinner and dance for the 8th graders! We appreciate all of the hours spent planning, creating, setting up, cleaning up, baking, shopping, and of course the donations to fund this great event.  The event is run strictly by parent volunteers.  We can’t thank you enough for giving your time and energy to allow our 8th graders to have a memorable send off!

Many thanks go to:

Subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs:
Gym Decorating Chair: Gretchen Kind
T-Shirts Chair: Lariza Panagiotou
Program Chair: Emily Mitchell
Invitations Chair: Akshay Thotangare
Hallway Chair: Melisa Perez
Photo Booth Chairs: Robin Comley, Tami Mead
Cafeteria Chair: Karen Guetersloh
Food Chairs: Robin Steele, Hima Naidu
METCO hosts: Laura & Bill Keating, Jennifer Buckley
Ceremony Chair: Alicia Mici
Photo Coordination:  Susan DiGangi, Paula Gilarde
Dessert Chair: Namrata Shah
Cleanup Chair: Jane Patterson

Moving On Volunteers:    

Gym Decorating Committee: Tammy Morris, Kim Tierney, Deb Mola, Julie Deneau, Meg McAllister, Lisa Harrell, Barbara Sutter, Diane Bernstein, Andrea Couvee, Peter Ricci, Janet Chang, Adam Boedker and Tony Chen

T-Shirt Committee: Meeta Mathur (t-shirt design), Emily Mitchell and Adriana Panagiotou

Hallway Committee: Debora Martino, Morgadinha Gonsalves, Lori Etringer, Kiki Eccles, Jossie Wedgeworth, Jenny Stewart and Lee Delzingo

Restaurant Donations: Kim Tierney, Tammy Morris, Robin Steele

Food Service: Robin Steele, Deb Griffin, Kim Tierney, Tammy Morris, Paula Kazangian, Daisy Girifalco, Lisa Warhover, Joy Wilson, Marianna Busse, Jessica Tonini, Neetu Devdas

Food Pickup: Stacy Kershaw, Kranti Parvate, Catherine Van Praagh, Sue MacPhee, Lisa Gedaminsky, Deb Teague, Olga Patoucheas

Dessert Committee: Lisa Harrell, Meg McAllister, Lisa Hovnanian

Set up & Clean up Volunteers: Lesley Sakey, Katri Toivanen-Hubbard, Angela Winter, Kerry Rackey, Cameron Rackey, Mayu Dyer, Elizabeth Nemirovshy, Annmarie Seldon, Mieko Koga, Lori Alper, Diane Bernstein, David Bernstein, Nalini Chintapalli,  Emily Mitchell, Beth Doyle, Andrea Couvee, Jennifer Stewart, Gretta Venuti, Annmarie Vaughan, Karen Fallon, Susan Harris, Tammy Morris, Susan Sepe, Armen Zildjian, Sybil Zildjian, Yvonne Aweh-Kisob, Nevin Belir, Ping Hou, Sally Morrison, Pete Zorn, Scott Venuti, David DiGangi, Patty Carluccio, Fatihat Salako, Ginko Isobe, Debora Martino, Chenggang Wang, Jenn Heller, Stefan Perez-Adler, Kristen Newman, Steve Mead, Steve Protasowicki, Shelia Dearing, Jennifer Klein, Brett Leida, John Harris, Michelle Hoiseth, Bryan Hoiseth, Alicia Mici, Kim Tierney, Bill Keating, Gary Kazangian, Sharon Taft, Karthikeyan Ramu, Tony Cheng, Xinyu Li, Michael Buonopane, Elizabeth Barry, Victoria Barry, Gregory Barry

Dessert Contributors:  Lisa Hovnanian, Lori Alper, Maria Evangelisti, Lisa Harrell,  Laetitia Perez-Adler, Diane Bernstein, Sally Morrison, Kate Desjardins,  Elischa Burchardt, Kerry Rackey, Elizabeth Wirth, Andrea Couvee, Pearlene Varjabedian, Tammy Morris, Melissa Morrison, Karen Fallon, Melissa Zorn, Jennie Goldfarb, Ginko Isobe, Estelle Mense, Mieko Koga, Corinna McCabe, Karen McElrath, Annmarie Seldon, Michelle Fitzgerald, Lesley Sakey, Robyn Brandy, Susan Lincoln, Otti McCutcheon, Katherine Ford, Elaine Herzog, Tara Goss, Deb Smith

Corporate Contributors: Moving On could not have occurred without the support of these outstanding companies, and we hope the JGMS parent community will patronize these businesses when dining or shopping as acknowledgment that they are appreciated.  Click on each business to visit its website.

Other Special Supporters:

  • Jeff Hoyland for photographing the ceremony, and Debbie MacLellan and Karen Cox for photographing the dinner and dance.
  • Bedford TV for recording the ceremony. Buy a DVD at
  • The Bedford Athletic Association and All Night Graduation Committee for their contributions.
  • JGMS Principal Kevin Tracey, Assistant Principal Matt Mehler, Maureen McDermott, Karen Poli, Yvonne Cormier, Serena Danielson, Amy Budka, Eric Driscoll, and all school, cafeteria, facilities, and custodial staff for supporting our students and Moving On efforts.

If we overlooked anybody, please let us know at

Last, but certainly not least, thank you parents for your generous donations in support of Moving On.  It truly was a night to remember!

Have a safe and happy summer!!!  Good luck to the class of 2022!!!



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