Principal/Parent Forum, May 4th @6:30pm


Dear Middle School Parent Community,

While it is still early spring, we have recently experienced unseasonable temperatures this week in Bedford. These warmer temperature have prompted us to remind all students of our dress code policy at John Glenn Middle School. A helpful reminder was also made that our early adolescent students continue to practice good hygiene by wearing deodorant, especially during the upcoming warmer months.

While the specific details of the current middle school student dress code are available online and can be found here, I am aware that some parents may have diverse opinions about what constitutes appropriate school attire for students, and more importantly, may have concerns about the messages we are sending to our students.

To better understand the perspectives of the parent community and to talk together about these important issues, we will have a Principal-Parent Forum on May 4th from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the JGMS Large Group Instructional (LGI) room at John Glenn Middle School. Faculty members from our middle school guidance department also plan on attending this discussion.

Below are a few links to education research, legal cases, as well as social commentary on this issue:

Massachusetts Law about Student Dress Codes and Freedom of Expression

Background Information on School Dress Code

New York Times OP-ED Article, “The Battle Over Dress Codes”

University of Texas – Education Research Article Summary

I hope that you are able to join this conversation on May 4th at 6:30 pm.


Matt Mehler
Assistant Principal


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