Moving On — 2017

Moving On planning is underway. For those not familiar with Moving On, please refer to the Moving On page. The dates have been set as follows:

Tuesday, June 20th 8th Grade Canobie Lake Trip
Wednesday, June 21st 8th Moving On Ceremony (Rehearsal In the Morning), Ceremony at 6pm, Dinner/Dance at 7pm.
Thurs, June 22nd Last Day of School
The next planning meeting will be held, Monday, April 10th at 7pm in the JGMS library. The various sub-committees will be brainstorming ideas and we’ll discuss the budget. We’re always looking for more people to help so come on down!
Donation request and t-shirt order forms will be distributed to the children’s advisories this week. You can download the form here: 2017DonationRequestLetter.
The Hallway project photo request letter can be downloaded here: MovingOnPhotoProjectLetter2017.

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