Thank You for Supporting Out Sweet Treats Event!


The MSPA organized a Sweet Treats hospitality event for the teachers and school personnel at JGMS on Wednesday, 2/8. Thanks to all  who answered the call to support our awesome teachers and helped the MSPA.

Set-up & Clean-up Volunteers:
Susan DiGangi, Kathy Recca, Karen Gueterslph & Paula Gilarde

Food & Beverage Donations:
Diane Bernstein, Archana Vaze, Pearlene Varjabedian, Carolina Voss, Tammy Morris, Christine Speciale, Gretchen Kind, Susan DiGangi, Kate Reynolds, Jayme Szymczak, Kerry Rackey, Amy Doherty, Jenny Duncan, Kathy Recca, Julie Campos, Anne Caron, Andrea Couvee, Nancy Saunders, Lori Alper, Deb Griffin, Olga Patoucheas, Paula Gilarde

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The JGMS Administration and staff took notice and were very appreciative. The spread was excellent!

Please, if we overlooked anybody, please let us know at We don’t want to slight anyone as we really want to thank all who helped! Your contributions are appreciated by faculty and the MSPA Board of Directors.


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