Thank You Fall Appeal Donors!

With the school budget tight and the needs great in and around JGMS, donations go a long way in supporting the school, staff, and students. The MSPA is working with the school administration to identify a “punch list” of initiatives and needed items so we can help fund some, and hopefully all, if we collect enough funds to do so.

JGMS and the MSPA sincerely appreciate the donations and support. As such, the MSPA is very mindful about spending donations wisely and in line with our mission of supporting JGMS, its staff, and students.

A heartfelt thanks to donation levelsthe JGMS parents who have donated in support of the MSPA so far this 2016 – 2017 school year:

Buccaneers:  Tammy & Dale Morris, Kristin Marcus, Jennifer & Michael Puglielli, The Gilarde Family,  & Anonymous Donors

Champions: Michelle & Andrew Rollinson, Ken Gordon & Breena Daniell, Damon & Lisa Harrell, Susan & David DiGangi, Stephanie Gagne & Dagmar Meissner, Michele Schuman, Himabindu Naidu& Anonymous Donors

SupportersTara Goss, Gretchen Kind, Arthur Brewster, Dnita Brewster, John Grove, Karen Cox, Donald Cullis, Lisa Warhover, Melissa & Peter Zorn, Sheng Gu, Jennifer Puhle, Haizheng Zhang, Alisa Bell, Brandon Wedgeworth, Andrea Garraway, The Bertos Family, Karen Guetersloh, Amy Doherty, Kathy Recca& Anonymous Donors

BoostersGingko Isobe, Jennifer Klein, Tal Rozamus, Susan Brough, Driscoll Family, Bennett Family, Susan Sepe, Shanling Peng, Samantha McCarthy, Nancy Gilroy, Sue & Joe Turner, Derek & Kristen Yerardi, Lisa & Mike Bailey, Deborah & Matthew Griffin, Dawn Kociubes, Angela Winter, Gretta Venuti, Susan Webster, Andrea Couvee, Rebecca Sangliana, Sophia Voss, Kerry Rackey, J. Stewart, Robin Steele, Julie Campos, Cheryl Simons& Anonymous Donors

We hope JGMS families continue to give in support of the MSPA so we can help fund important school purchases and initiatives.

Thank you, everyone!


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