2016 Moving On ~ Thanks

The June 16, 2016 Graduation and Moving On 2016 were terrific!  The students had a great time and families enjoyed seeing their babies graduate. The success is owed to these wonderful people and businesses, as well as the many JGMS families who donated financially to this event.

Chair Cindy Fisette – Moving On is a large endeavor, and Cindy was excellent in putting it all together!   Thank you to Rick Fisette for being Cindy’s right-hand man.  The Fisette duo got so very many things done behind the scenes to ensure a perfect night.  We can’t thank them enough!

Subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs:  Serena Danielson, Francine Hennessey, Venus Ho Barber, Raelene Houck, Allison John Edey, Bonnie McCulloch, Marillian Misitti, Peter Ricci, Michelle Saber, Christine Speciale, Lisa Tramonte

Moving On Volunteers:  These helpful people contributed in some or several ways, such as cooking, baking, buying, setting up, cleaning, and more.  

Marian Abraham, Lori Alper, Lisa Bailey, Andrea Barney, Elizabeth Barry, Vicky Barry, Renee Bertos, Robyn Brandy, Elizabeth Brosgol, Mariana Busse, Anne Caron, Janet Connell, Jeff Connell, Sira Cormier, Yoko Kajiwara Chun, Breena Daniell, Serena Danielson, Claire Demeo, Karen Derosas, Neetu Devdas, Susan DiGangi, Kristin Doucet, Allison John Edey, Jessica Fair, Karen Fallon, Susan Federico, Emma Ferrari, Cindy Fisette, Rick Fisette, Susanne Friel, Mike Giles, Payal Goel, Deborah Griffin, Johanna Guarino, Lisa Hafer, Andrea Hayes, Patricia Hazelton, Lisa Felice Hebert, Francine Hennessey, Elaine Herzog, Venus Ho Barber, Andy Horne, Eileen Horne, Raelene Houck, Tim Houck, Jennifer Wittman Heller, Brenda Kenahan, Jeff Knight, Sarah Lance, Vanessa Leida, Ellen Lembo, Mimako Liou, Sandeep Manocha, Jayna Manzelli, Deneen Mascoli, Nick Mascoli, Bonnie McCulloch, Rosine McKenna, Tamara Mead, Marillian Misitti, Emily Mitchell, Erin Monahan, Nancy Monahan, Sandy Morvillo, Elizabeth Nemirovsky, Laura Newman, Jess O’Connor, Benjamin Oleksinski, Kim Oleksinski, Francisco Ou, Maria Ou, Lariza Panagiotou, Sue Parenti, Mary Lee Pequeno, Cathy Presti, Cameron Rackey, Kerry Rackey, Astrid Reischwitz, Becky Ricci, Peter Ricci, Kathy Rivera, Lisa Rozamus, Michelle Saber, Kristine Sacco, Susan Sepe, Karen Shamon, Amy Signorello, Jane Slavin, Deb Smith, Lisa Smith Cicone, Christine Speciale, Tracy Staines, Suzanne Stuzynski, Zarouhi Suggs, Jessica Tonini, Joyce Towle, Patrick Towle, Lisa Tramonte, Joan Turnberg, Beth Venuti, Gretta Venuti, Carolina Voss, Lisa Warhover, Sue Watson, Alison Weaver, Chris Weisz, Ellen Young

Corporate Contributors: Moving On could not have occurred without the support of these outstanding companies, and we hope the JGMS parent community will patronize these businesses when dining or shopping as acknowledgment that they are appreciated.  Click on each business to visit its website.

Other Special Supporters:

  • Paula Gilarde and Rich Krusemark for photographing the ceremony, dinner, and dance
  • Kim Oleksinski, Invitation & Tickets Design
  • Patricia Eleftheriou, LABBB Program Coordinator
  • Katie & Dan Dunn who provided the Cityscape gym backdrop
  • Bedford TV for the graduation ceremony videography. Buy a DVD at http://bedford.tv/buydvds/
  • JGMS Principal Kevin Tracey, Assistant Principal Matt Mehler, Karen Poli, Yvonne Cormier, Kristina Barbacano, Amy Budka, Linda Aiken, Kelsey Little, Pat Stephens, Derek Johnson, Candace Banks, Paul Harrington, and all school, cafeteria, facilities, and custodial staff for supporting our students and Moving On efforts

Last, but certainly not least, thank you parents for your generous donations towards Moving On.  You helped fund the festivities and the kids it.  It truly was a night to remember.

2016 Moving On Gym


2016 Moving On cafeteria




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