Important & Helpful Information for 8th Grade Families

Parents/guardians, congratulations on the impending graduation of your eighth grade students!  The Bedford Middle School Parent Association (MSPA) has fielded many questions from different families about graduation, end of school, and Bedford High School (for those kids who will go there.)  To give you guidance, the MSPA has compiled a list of important information as your child finishes middle school and moves on to high school.  See below for graduation attire suggestions, the last days of JGMS, Bedford High School (BHS) early-bird yearbook orders, BHS sports registration, updating eNews preferences, and more:

(1)    June 16 Graduation and Moving On:  Read our newly updated post which includes suggestions about arrival time to the ceremony, attire for the graduates, how to deal with the warm temperature inside the graduation area, etc.  Your child must be at BHS Gymnasium tonight at 5:30 in order to be lined up alphabetically, in time for the ceremony which starts at 6 pm.  

(2)    Moving On Donations needed:  This event is paid with the donations received from 8th grade families and as yet, only a third of families have donated.  If you haven’t yet done so, please complete this form and drop it in the Donation Box when entering the BHS gymnasium for Moving On or turn it in at the JGMS front office.  Any amount is appreciated!

 (3)    June 17 Canobie Lake Park:  Please make sure you turn in your child’s waiver form by Wednesday, June 15.  Contact the school with any questions about the field trip. Reminder: your child should wear the Moving On shirt that he/she will be given after the Moving On dance.  If he/she doesn’t get it then, it can be picked up at the JGMS front office before school on June 17th.

(4)    June 20:  Final day of school:  School ends at 11:05 am and buses will depart shortly afterwards.  During school there will a student talent show.

 (5)    To buy a DVD of the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony:  Bedford TV will be recording the JGMS Moving On ceremony in the BHS Gym. DVDs can be purchased though the Bedford TV DVD Store at:!/JGMS-Moving-On-Ceremony-2016-Preorder/p/4908174/category=6735904

(6)    Order a 2017 BHS Yearbook at a discounted price on or before June 17.  For this week only, you can pre-order a yearbook for $50, saving $30 off the regular price.  This form and your payment must be turned in to the BHS front office on or before Friday, June 17:

 (7)    Subscribe to BHS eNews: If your child will attend Bedford High Scholl (BHS) in the Fall, you should sign up for the BHS Parent Association (BHSPA) eNews.  It is an excellent source of deadlines, events, and notices pertinent to students, sent weekdays during the school year.  Subscribe before July as the BHSPA will send reminders about Arena Day, sports tryouts, Back to School info, and Student Directories which are ordered in August for September delivery.  The schools and Aspen system do not automatically enroll you in any new school’s PTO eNews so you must opt in via this link:  (Scroll to the bottom of that linked page as the PTO links are below BEF, which is a separate, non-PTO group.)

(8)    Subscribe to BHS Guidance Department Notifications: Register for Guidance newsletters and receive texts about key events, like PSAT, SAT, and ACT test dates and registrations, among other things.  Registration instructions:

 (9)    Register your child for the Fall Sport at BHS. Parents/guardians (not the students) are responsible for registering a student before tryouts.  For details about sports offerings, read and to register your child for a sport, follow these instructions (except select Fall Sport Registration):   Extra reminder:  you must provide BHS with a current physical that does not expire during the sport season.  The physical must be on file with the school before tryouts or the student cannot try out.  Any questions or problems with registration?  Please contact the Athletic Director Keith Mangan at

 (10)Plan your upcoming vacations around the 2016 – 2017 School Calendar:

 (11)    Read our Transitioning to BHS webpage for many more helpful hints.

(12)  Unsubscribe from old eNews: If you no longer will have a child at JGMS or don’t want the MSPA eNews, unsubscribe by going to the bottom of any eNews that you have received in the past and follow the unsubscribe link.  We will have one more eNews before this school year ends so wait a week before you unsubscribe.

Lastly, if you have another child at JGMS next year, we hope you will get involved with the MSPA, and the BHSPA also welcomes your involvement. Best wishes to your eighth grade student for the future, and may you enjoy your summer.

Bedford Middle School Parent Association (MSPA)