DC Trip Pickup & Reminders

Reminders for 8th grade parents/guardians when getting children on Friday, June 10 from JGMS when they return from Washington, DC:

Buses expected to return to JGMS at around 10 pm.  Do not park or drive in the bus loop to pick up your child.  Park in back lot and walk over to the bus loop to await the bus arrivals.  Don’t be late in picking up your kids!  When your child gets off the bus, please make sure (s)he has not forgotten anything on the bus.  Have him/her check in, around, and under the seat and overhead compartment.  Confirm that your child has gotten his/her luggage, carry-on bag, and electronics.  Also, please make sure that his/her seat and space on the bus has been cleaned up.  Thank you.

Drop off your donation to Moving On  on Friday night:  The 8th grade Moving On festivities are self-funded and, so far, only 1/3 of 8th grade parents have donated.  While donations are optional, they are very much appreciated and needed to make your child’s graduation night memorable.

When picking up your child, you can give your donation to the following 8th grade parents who are Moving On volunteers and will submit donations to the Treasurer to pay Moving On expenses:

  • Cindy Fisette (Moving On Chair & mom of Noelle)
  • Raelene Houck (mom of Quin)
  • Bonnie McCulloch (mom of John)
  • Michelle Saber (mom of Ryan Knight)

Here is the donation form:  https://bedfordmspa.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/2016-donation-request-letter.pdf (The form is not required when making a donation but if you include it with your donation and provide your email address on the form, the MSPA can email you a receipt for tax purposes.)

Thank you for your support!


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