Box Tops Success & Gratitude


1st place winner:

Advisory class of Mrs. Tanahashi-Works

2nd place winner: Mrs. Thompson’s class

3rd place winner: Mr. LoPresti’s class

See a listing of all standings:  JGMS 2015-2016 Advisory Totals 

Thank you all for your support of the Box Tops for Education program!  Advisory participation really increased this year and we are grateful to BHS families for helping JGMS with this program.  

Please like the program on Facebook to follow any updates as they are posted: 

THANK YOU, TEACHERS AND VOLUNTEERS:  In addition to thanking our students and families for reaching our goal of raising $2,000 for JGMS, we absolutely must thank the wonderful people who have been committed to Box Tops at JGMS – out teachers and parents/guardians.  We include thanks to volunteers at the other Bedford Public Schools because collectively it is a united front where they help each other and the other schools in town.  We all stand behind the mission of improving our district school systems.

Box Top volunteers  are unique.  They give their time, effort AND patience as it’s no small easy feat to trim and check the hundreds or thousands of tiny labels for expiration dates (glasses or magnifying glass, not included)!

Please join us in thanking these great volunteers (at JGMS unless otherwise noted):

CHAIRS: Jenn Puhle & Barbara Murphy   (Note: Barbara will Chair Davis/Lane next year so Jenn is looking for a JGMS Co-Chair next year.  Please contact her at about it)


Unsin An
Andrea Barney
Carla Bradford
Mandy Bonneau
Sreelatha Chadive
Shaena Grossman
Meg McAllister
Jess Paolucci
Andrea Ripplinger
Namrata Shah
Sarah Sjostrom
Heather Thacore
Lori Vitale


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