Teacher Appreciation Week ~ THANK YOU!

National Teacher Appreciation Week  (TAW) was celebrated at JGMS over three days at JGMS with a breakfast on Monday, May 2, a lunch on Wednesday, May 4th, and day of sweet treats on Friday, May 6th.  It was a nice week of saying thank you to our wonderful JGMS team of educators who teach and guide our kids.

This year TAW was led by a three wonderful JGMS parents, Bonnie McCulloch, Nancy Barnes, and Paula Gilarde.  They did a great job.  Thank you!

Nancy has managed the corporate sponsorships for several years now and brought in some excellent raffle items from these local businesses in Bedford (all lists are alphabetized by first word):

> Bedford Farms Ice Cream Stand, 18 North Rd, www.bedfordfarmsicecream.com
> Bella Maria’s Cucina Restaurant, 80 Great Rd.,
> Bruegger’s Bagels, 158 Great Rd. 
> Chipotle Mexican Grill, 301 Great Rd. 
> Colasante Hair Studio, 80 Loomis St., Depot Park   
> Ginger Japanese Restaurant, 88 Great Rd. 
> Ken’s NY Deli & Brick Oven Pizzeria, 72 Great Rd.  
> Red Heat Tavern, 152 Great Rd.  www.redheattavern.com/bedford-ma
> Stop & Shop Grocery & Pharmacy, 337 Great Rd. www.stopandshop.com

The teachers surely appreciate the support of these local businesses, and we ask that JGMS parent community, in turn, patronize the above businesses as they readily and generously supported our teachers.  

In addition to Nancy’s work, our other TAW Chairs Bonnie McCulloch and Paula Gilarde managed the food and volunteers, which was no easy feat.  They ran things beautifully, no hiccups involved.   Paula also managed the videotaping of JGMS students thanking their favorite teacher, and the video was looped for teachers to watch it during the Wednesday lunch.  They loved it!  

As for the TAW festivities, things kicked off on Monday when Bruegger’s Bagels kindly provided the bagels and various cream cheeses for a breakfast.  Having Bruegger’s re-opened in town in Bedford Market Place at 158 Great Rd. is welcomed by the community and we are delighted to say that the new management has been very supportive of JGMS.  In addition to supporting the Monday breakfast, last month the MSPA held a Pre-Grand Opening fundraiser at Bruegger’s, which brought in a good profit to the MSPA for the benefit of JGMS.  (Indeed, thanks for fundraising efforts, the MSPA will be paying for a student assembly (to be selected by the JGMS Chain Reaction Committee) in the Fall.  More details to come about this in a future post!)

The MSPA brought in subs and wraps from Wegman’s on Wednesday and supplied drinks and chips.  Red Heat Tavern, located in the Bedford Market Place at 152 Great Rd., very generously supported the day by provided delicious mac and cheese in two flavors, plain and vegetable.  Both were topped with baked onion crumbles and the veggie dish included arugula and tomatoes.  The dishes were very popular among the teachers.  It also is to be commended that Red Heat Tavern provided the MSPA with gift certificates for the Friday raffle too — amazing!

To complete the Wednesday lunch, JGMS families provided fabulous side salads.  The dessert?  A full size sheet cake donated by TAW Chair Bonnie McCulloch — thank you!  After the lunch on Wednesday, we had some leftover sandwiches and cake, which were eaten on Thursday by the staff.

The grand finale for TAW was a Sweet Treats Friday capped with raffles.  Again, the JGMS parent community stepped up and supplied sumptuous homemade desserts, gift cards, and beautiful floral centerpieces.  We thank the parents below, but you’ll notice that many of the same names are in multiple lists.  They really are awesome.  We also are aware that many of these people have given each year to TAW, which we greatly appreciate.  THANK YOU!  

(all lists are alphabetized by first name)

JGMS Parent Contributions of Gift Cards for the Teacher Raffles: Amy Doherty, Andrea Couvee, Deborah Griffin, Jenn Heller, Jessica Fair, Joan Turnberg, Joyce Towle, Karen Guetersloh, Kim Tierney, Lisa Hafer, Lori Alper, Marian Abraham, Meeta Mathur Bahadur, Michelle Saber, Nancy Gilroy,  and Tammy Morris

Table Centerpieces/Raffle Items: Joyce Towle, Lisa Hafer, Marian Abraham, and Renee Bertos

Food Donations: Alexis Carlson, Amy Signorello, Andrea Barney, Andrea Couvee, Beth Venuti, Bonnie McCulloch, Diane Bernstein, Elaine Herzog, Estelle Mense, J Santiago, Joan Turnberg, Karen Guetersloh, Kerry Rackey, Kim Tierney, Kristen Newman, Lisa Bailey, Lisa Dini Rozamus, Lisa Hafer, Lisa Harrell, Lochan Karthikeyan, Marian Abraham, Nancy Barnes, Nancy Saunders, Paula Gilarde, Pearlene Varjabedian, Sheila Dearing, Sridevi Karthikeyan, Susan DiGangi, Susan Sepe, Tammy Morris, and Venus Ho

Coffee Barista:  Diane Bernstein

Set Up and/or Clean Up Help: Bonnie McCulloch, Diane Bernstein, Ginko Isobe, Kerry Rackey, Lisa Hafer, Michelle Saber, Paula Gilarde, and Tammy Morris

Please, if we overlooked anybody, please let us know at JGMSparents@gmail.com.  We don’t want to slight anyone as we really want to thank all who helped!  You guys rock!  Thanks for your support during TAW.


MSPA Board