Thank You for Faculty Lunch Support

Tuesday, November 3rd was Election Day with no school planned since polls usually would be open and held inside the JGMS gym.  However, the midterm had nothing up for vote and no one to elect.  Bedford Public Schools remained closed so that faculty could have professional workshops.  

To get our JGMS faculty & staff through the day, the MSPpizza partyA provided pizza, thanks to the donations of JGMS families acquired from the recent Fall Appeal, and we asked the JGMS parent community to give some help, food, and/or drinks.

Thank you, Kerry Rackey, for organizing this event and the following wonderful people who answered the call to support our awesome teachers and helped the MSPA:   (Listed in alphabetical order by first name)

Set-up and/or Clean up VOLUNTEERS:  

♥ THANK YOU TO: Alexis Carlson, Diane Bernstein & daughters,  Karen Guetersloh & son, Kerry Rackey, and Michelle Saber


♥ THANK YOU TO: Alexis Weisz,  Amy Doherty,  Andrea Barney, Andrea Couvee, Becky Ricci, Bonnie McCulloch, Diane Bernstein, Eileen Horne,  Ellen Young,  Hillary DeMello,  Jenn Heller, Jessica Fair,   Joan Turnberg,   Kerry Rackey,  Lisa Harrell,   Lori Alper,  Mayu Dyer,  Michelle Saber,  Natalie Dussault,  Paula Driscoll, Paula Gilarde, Susan DiGangi, Theresa Connolly, and Venus Ho  ♥ 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  The JGMS Administration and staff took notice and were very appreciative.  The spread was excellent — green salads, bean salad, fruit salad, chips, dips, pretzels, popcorn, brownies, blondies, pumpkin bars with chocolate chips, chocolate mint cookies, water, seltzers, sodas, and coffee.

Please, if we overlooked anybody, please let us know at  We don’t want to slight anyone as we really want to thank all who helped!  Your contributions are appreciated by faculty and the MSPA Board of Directors.