Thankful for Teachers, Sponsors, Donating Parents & Volunteers

National Teacher Appreciation Week  (TAW) (May 4 – 8) was celebrated in style at JGMS with a catered lunch on Monday,  delicious, homemade breakfasts on Tuesday,  hot sandwiches and healthy salads on Wednesday, a day of sweet treats on Thursday, and on Friday, bagel breakfast sponsored by Brueggar’s Bagels.  Teacher feedback was positive and enthusiastic!  They felt the love!

A variety of fabulous gifts were raffled to teachers, such as beautiful floral arrangements donated by parents and gift cards/certificates from these awesome CORPORATE SPONSORS (alphabetical order):

  • Bedford Farms, particularly Beth Venuti: 18 North Rd
  • b.good restaurant: 168 Great Rd
  • Brueggar’s Bagels: 170 Great Rd
  • Colasante Hair Salon, particularly Pino Colasante: newly relocated to 80 Loomis St
  • Ken’s NY Deli, particularly Jim Garabedian:  72 Great Rd
  • Stop & Shop, particularly Chris Johnson:  337 Great Rd

Please patronize the above businesses as they readily and generously supported our school and teachers.  Kudos to them!

MANY THANKS to JGMS TAW Coordinator Nancy Barnes who managed the event and corporate sponsorship and MSPA Hospitality/Events Director Carla Bradford for organizing the daily schedule of meals and volunteers.  Kerry Rackey, Diane Bernstein, and Michelle Saber of the MSPA helped support the event’s activities too.

Last, but certainly not least, JGMS parents/guardians . . .               The success of TAW is directly attributed to the generosity of our parent community.  These folks either bought something, gave money, baked or cooked food, and/or helped set-up or clean up.  Their lives are busy, but they took the time and effort to contribute because they appreciate educators, and the MSPA and teachers are grateful.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Ali Hon-Anderson Krista Clouse
Andrea Barney Kristen Manning
Ani Changelian Kristin Ferrari
Annmarie Vaughan Lana Sechkina
Barbara Murphy Laura Newman
Bingbing Chen Linda Tambascio Gibbons
Bonnie McCulloch Lisa Rozamus
Boris Gitlin Lisa Warhover
Breena Daniell Lori Alper
Carine Avakian LoriAnn O’Brien
Carla Bradford Lourdes Engel
Carol Krusemark Maria Loughlin
Catherine Van Praagh Marian Abraham
Cheryl Simons Marilou Barsam
Chris Anderson Mary Gallant
Christina Pare Marylee Pequeno
Cindy Fisette Maureen Eliason
Dawn Kociubes Michelle Francesconi
Deb Smith Michelle Saber
Deborah Griffin Mona Barck
Denise Cohen Nancy Barnes
Diane Bernstein Nancy Richard
Eileen Horne Nancy Wolk
Elizabeth Ellen Neetu Devdas
Elizabeth McClung Pam Brown
Francine Hennessey Parvathi Susarla
Gina Stephan Qing Hang
Hillary DeMello Rachel Duncan
Ilham Loughman Renu Bostwick
Janel Halupowski Rosemary Luniewicz
Jeanine Wilson Sandy Morvillo
jennifer lee Sarah Lance
Jessica Fair Shanling Peng
Joan Turnberg Sheryl Poor
Joann Montepare Soraya Stevens
Joyce Towle Susanne Friel
Karine Marino Theresa Wilson
Kelly Anderson Tina Nappi
Kerry Rackey Valerie Gurney
Kimberlie Sweet THANK YOU!

Please, if we overlooked anybody, please let us know at  We don’t want to slight anyone as we really want to thank all who helped!  You guys rock!